Lilan Nature Self Sustainable Farm is born…

Pushing forward the Self Sustainable concept, Lilan Nature invested in an 25ha of Tropical Forest, of ancient cacao plantation. A variety of species have been selected to replant that forest in order to harmonise the endemic species with the agricultural needs of Lilan Nature.

Hence Lilan Nature Farm is already starting to supply its guests with biologically grown products (Cacao, Papaya, Coconuts, Bananas, Mangos, oranges, limes…).

The Short term Goal being to reach 100% of our fruit needs thru Lilan Nature Farm.

Green Iguanas

Reknown for its amazing and unique flora, Lilan Nature was chosen to initiate a release program on its grounds of the Green Iguana (Lat. Iguana Iguana).

This beautiful and peaceful animal is an endangered specie (Annexe 2 of the washington Convention) and play the keyrole in the regeneration of plants in its habitat.

The pair that was released today is already intermating with the original population thus insuring the prospect of a large futur generation that will be interacting with Lilan Nature Visitors.